Best Ethics Committee Award

FERCAP in cooperation with Roche Product Development Quality - International Quality Management (IQM) will award the Best Ethics Committee Award on November 26, 2019 in Penang, Malaysia during the Annual FERCAP International Conference hosted by Universiti Sains Malaysia.

FERCAP has contributed to quality ethical review systems in Asia through its certification of Research Ethics Committees undertaken through the SIDCER Recognition Program that ensured compliance with International Conference on the Harmonization of Good Clinical Practice framework. Roche Product Development Quality - International Quality Management will give the award, cognizant of the contribution of this program to quality assurance systems in global clinical trials that ensure protection of human participants and data integrity.

The award will be given to a recognized Research Ethics Committee that has made an impact within the country and the Asia Pacific region due to its good review practices as evidenced by its adherence to its Action Plan after a SIDCER-FERCAP survey and its participation in regional initiatives that promote protection of human participants.

Who may apply?

Application is open to all SIDCER-FERCAP recognized Ethics Committee with updated renewal of recognition. The application has to be endorsed by the Head of the Institution. Submit the application to the Country Coordinator and/or FERCAP Coordinator ( /

Award Criteria


Progress of EC quality improvement since EC has been recognized


Based on 5 SIDCER criteria, submit latest information about the ff.
1. Website to show EC organogram & list of EC members and identify gender, expertise and affiliation
2. SOPs
3. Initial review (sample of accomplished assessment form, approval certificate)
4. Post approval review (Sample of Meeting Minutes with review of post review submissions)
5. Documentation (pictures of the office to show orderly filing system, electronic system, etc.)